Using MVC in Squeak - a Tutorial

Preliminary version from Aug 10, 2007 with some additions from Jan 01, 2016.
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This is a tutorial from 2007 which covers a topic that has lost most of its former importance. It is kept available for the benefit of those who seek in-depth information about out-dated versions of Smalltalk.

The tutorial covers the use of the MVC graphical user interface in Squeak. It also covers the use of Smalltalk in general, but it does not cover the use of the Morphic GUI.

Recommended version of Squeak: 3.7 [more about versions]

MVC is seriously damaged in all newer versions of Squeak. It is therefore recommended that you install the version 3.7 from 2004. Here is an explanation how to do that.

To try the examples of this tutorial, you have to create and to enter an MVC project.

Where to Start:

This depends on both your knowledge and your needs:

It is not difficult at all to give you a few simple demo programs. It is much more difficult to develop the essential ideas of MVC with a set of carefully built examples. A preliminary version of this tutorial was merely a collection of simple demo programs. This version tries to give you a more carefully designed introduction to the essential ideas of MVC.


Other MVC-related resources:

Other resources for self-assessment

There is a lot of helpful literature available in the Internet. You may wish to check these internet pages:

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